A detour from sports for Gordon Brown

Usually email exchanges of a day between myself and Thistle71 are related to sporting matters, possibly music, and the antics of his nieces the DC Trojanettes. However, today we took a little detour into the changing of the guard at Number 10 Downing Street… 

Thistle71: so today we have the 1st Scottish pm since Ramsay McDonald. Too bad he is a wee unionist, but you can’t have everything. A Scottish PM who prances about no. 10 in union jack y-fronts is still a Scottish PM at the end of the day.

DCTrojan: I think that you’re overlooking the main benefit – it will drive the English completely potty.

Thistle71: a Scottish parliament, Scottish MPs in the UK Parliament making decisions that effect England, and a Scottish PM… hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

DCTrojan: I suspect the English will be rounding up the Morris Dancer Shock Squads to go and jingle menacingly at a pub in Berwick upon Tweed.


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