Good news for the English FA

Evidently corporate welfare queen Sven-Goran Eriksson is okay with giving up his salary as inactive former England manager, and with working for people who are at risk of indictment in their home country, because word is that the Swede is about to take an offer from Manchester City:

The former England manager has not signed a pre-contract agreement and therefore remains open to other offers but City hope he will be true to his word

Ha! There’s comedy.

However, City issued a statement last night reiterating that they were still talking to other “managerial candidates”, aware there is the possibility Eriksson may change his mind.

Well, you don’t walk run quickly away from being Prime Minister of Thailand with a dollar or two in hand if you are completely gullible.

Eriksson says yes to City and starts planning transfer raids | News | Guardian Unlimited Football


4 Responses

  1. It will be much tougher to support Citeh with a massive human rights violator {if you believe, say, Amnesty International} as their owner and Captain Dipshit as their manager.

  2. The NoW paid up for their callumny out of court,
    The statistics on competetive matches show Sven-Goran Eriksson as Englands all time most “successful” coach/manager (Only five games lost in Five and a half years) and The FA rank Svennis as second most succusseful after Sir Alf Ramsey’s fluke of ’66 succeeded by him being drummed out for failing so consistently to even qualify for international tournaments before and after.
    Every properly run media poll shows 70-80% Man City fan / general public support so why do a few xenophobic and ignorant media hacks and bloggers still try to perpetuate the myth of the Sven/Becks partnership underachievement and unpopularity?

  3. Because we watched the matches and saw clearly that Sven could not tactically manage his way out of a wet paper bag.

  4. That’s curious, Svenalike, the Guardian noted that the proportion of pro-Eriksson support depended on whether you looked at the numbers from the club or the Supporters Trust. Somehow I doubt either is strictly accurate.

    More broadly, I didn’t write one word about Erikkson’s managerial record… and I don’t really need to because it’s my considered opinion that he’s a mercenary, oversexed twat. I should be so lucky, really.

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