Dear ESPN… regarding your Beckham coverage

For the love of Pete, please just stop. Did you not learn your lesson with the 2005 USC football team? Even as an alum, I was sick of the hype before it was punctured by The Quarterback Who Ran, and other less partial individuals were ready to burn Los Angeles to the ground (again.) Do you remember that? Go and have a look at the tape.

Did you notice any parallels? For instance, when you completely went off the rails and showed Beckham warming up while the team were still not just playing but advancing past the midfield mark – a bit or a rarity as it turned out – did no-one say then, Gentlemen, we are overdoing it.

Maybe you could get Julie Foudy in to explain all this to you – provided she can hear anything over the internal rush of anger in her head over the fact that you allow any of the current match commentary team to supersede her. She seems to know the game, and doesn’t think that having been a part of the early 90s surge in US men’s soccer requires / licenses her to talk crap about every player on the pitch.

Anyway, I bet that Julie Foudy would be able to explain that the only history being made today was the establishment of the high-water mark of Phil Anschutz’s willingness to underwrite the commercial development of soccer in the US. Otherwise, I saw an injured player who knew that he had to get on the field to justify everyone’s expectations, and who is dealing graciously with the same interview inanities for the umpteenth time.

Leaving aside the inimitable vocal stylings of Tommy Smyth for a moment… have you (EPSN) noticed that your Champions League footage is quite good? Do you know why? Because you don’t choose the replay times, the sob story break-ins, and so on.

Get someone in to direct the game broadcasts who knows that they are doing, and someone who can actually provide decent commentary, and perhaps we can all manage to get out of this season in one piece.  And for heaven’s sake, drop The Narrative for the MLS season. It’s not big, it’s not clever, and it’s not funny.


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