Germanic Thrashings

I just spent a diverting few moments watching Bayern Munich throttle Bremen. The second goal was a fantastic counter-attacking move with the Altintop pass to Toni, who’s plainly happy to score scruffy goals, and the third by Ottl was an early goal of the season sort of shot. I’m kicking myself for not recording Schalke’s 4 – 1 kicking of Borussia Dortmund.

What the hell happened? Isn’t German football supposed to be well organized but ultimately a little dull? What other kinds of lazy stereotypes am I going to have to revisit this season?

Also, Ribery is rocketing back to the top of my swashbuckling charts – and it’s not just the scar. The man has an indecent turn of speed and splendid positioning.



2 Responses

  1. I saw Ribery score a sweet left footer at a bar a few weekends ago- I think it was the German equivalent of the Charity Shield or something. Never been a huge BM fan, but this team should play some really good stuff this year. Too bad they’re not in the CL, but {I’m assuming they’re in UEFA} they should be the team to beat in the UEFA Cup for sure.

    Ribery is a badass- i was pissed when he signed for BM- he would be perfect at Arsenal, who need a pacey winger who can run at & around people.

    Bundesliga has been the highest scoring league in Europe for a few years now- stereotypes be damned…

  2. Ribery is too old for Arsene to sign.

    Germans really don’t have a Charity Shield tournament, instead, they have their League Cup tourney. It involves 6 teams, the top 4 teams in Division 1 + Cup Winner + Division 2 winner. I don’t recall if the winner gets any European spot or not, but I kinda like it.

    Overall, I do believe attending a Bundesliga match in person gives the best entertainment for your dollar. Not only do you have a great chance of seeing alot of open play and goals, the atmosphere is unmatched (thanks to the terraces).

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