Rangers – times have changed

I’m not referring to the fact that they actually managed a convincing win – while a 7 -2 win practically qualifies them for the Bundesliga, it was against Falkirk. No, I’m referring to the fact that 2 of the goals were scored by Daniel Cousin, from the Gabon, and another by Jean Claude Darcheville, who plainly isn’t from anywhere near the Clyde. Now I know that it’s not news that Rangers fields foreign players and has for a while, but it still catches my attention for family reasons.

Any residual interest I have in Rangers is from my grandfather, who was a life-long Bluenose, despite (perhaps because) his being from Kippen. He wasn’t really known for his affection for the French, nor his modern attitudes on race relations, but I suspect that in this new-fangled era of foreigners, he might have been willing to overlook the fact that they weren’t Scottish Protestants.

Ultimately, the sectarian panjandrums are too much to overlook, but sometimes you’ve got to remember that a team can have left behind the attitudes of the supporters in the grubby interest of winning a few games.

Glasgow Daily Herald – Apres Darcheville, la deluge


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