Fredo goes to Real Madrid

One of the more bizarre transfer stories of August has been Gabriel Heinze’s effort to force Manchester United to sell him to Liverpool on the strength of a letter saying that they could consider selling him for £6.8M. Opinions differed as to whether the letter was a commitment to sell him to the first team showing up with the cash – obviously Heinze and his agent(s) thought so, because otherwise the Pool’s bid at the exact amount would be a stunning coincidence, as would their lawyers attempting to help Heinze get loose.

Apparently it came as a surprise to Heinze that his actions made him look like Fredo for siding against Manchester United with a bitter rival. After much wrangling, it emerged that Man U’s lawyers were better than Liverpool’s lawyer. And, Ferguson has managed to get some measure of revenge by sending Heinze away for more money to the same team he has been using as a dumping ground for the last several years…

Heinze off to Madrid | News | Guardian Unlimited Football

“The Argentinian, 29, will sign a contract for the next four seasons and will be immediately incorporated into Bernd Schuster’s squad.” No fee has been confirmed for Heinze, although reports in the Spanish media suggest he will cost Real around €12m (£8.1m).


4 Responses

  1. So, there’s a document saying ManUtd will allow Heinze to go for any bid over £6.8M from a club (from another nation, according to David Gil). If that’s the case, why the extra £1.3M from the RM bid?

    Somebody is pocketing the extra and my bet is it’s not all ManUtd.

  2. Curious, isn’t it? I know that Real Madrid are notorious for talking up the size of their transfer fund and then over-paying, but they had the price guide in front of them and no real competition. Something funny is going on.

  3. Something funny going on in a modern day footy transfer deal? Shocking.

    None of this shit, the Tevez novella included, is as fun as when we were using the word “bung” all day every day like last year…

  4. Real bid against itself? I didn’t realize that Tom Hicks had bought an interest in RM to go with his stake in (I hope I have this correct) Aston Villa.

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