Spanish rights fights cause no delights, Arsenal and Man City looked bright

A busy weekend on the home front, which rather limited footy watching opportunities. I did manage to catch the first half of Man City visiting Arsenal, which was interesting for the surprising similarity of the two teams – technically great, fast wing play, and many many missed chances. I thought that Petrov and Mpenza were impressive in attack for Man City, and that Dunne and Richards were not too bad at all in the back – as Richards gets some more experience under his belt, should he be able to match Dunne’s unflappable defending, they will be a force to be reckoned with.

As for the Arse, I though Hleb showed good positioning but his passing was a bit off, Fabregas seemed not too bad. Toure held up reasonably well, especially against Petrov. Rosicky seemed to be actually demonstrating his promise from last year on his work from the left flank, and his passing was incisive – well timed and placed. Flamini was very active in bringing the ball forward into attack, which was interesting. One (well me, anyway) gets the impression that an in-form van Persie and match-fit Adebayor will give Arsenal’s opponents something to think about as the season progresses.

I had the dvr humming away recording various matches. There was a domestic request to free up the tv while I was recording the Roma game and the Barcelona game simultaneously, as that meant that both tuners were in use. Of course, I picked the Barca game to keep and Roma to ditch, only to discover later that the annual argument over broadcast rights in Spain meant that certain games were blacked out for foreign viewers. Specifically, the Barca game. Not good enough, Spanish rights holders.

Guardian Unlimited: Sport blog: A weekend of madness

The opening weekend was a weekend when the increasingly bitter television war left great big trucks with all screens and buttons and stuff frantically driving round Spain, getting booted from ground to ground, commentators travelling to Madrid, no wait, Santander, erm, Bilbao, actually make that Valencia, and foreigners missing out on the Madrid derby after Sogecable (holders of the rights for the two clubs) banned Mediapro (distributors of the international rights) from showing it just as you were on your way to the pub.


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  1. Damn Cescy.

    1st time at Emirates…

    “1-nil! to the Arsenal,
    1-nil! to the Arsenal,
    1-nil! to the Arsenal,
    1-nil! to the Arsenal.
    We’ll win, cuz we’re Arsenal,
    We’ll win, cuz we’re Arsenal,
    We’ll win, cuz we’re Arsenal,
    We’ll win, cuz we’re Arsenal.”

    Also, how beautiful to see uber-cunt Robbie Savage get kicked right in the fucking face.

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