Teaching by example

So plainly a lot of good high school football players go to SC to compete at a high level, and to possibly get a shot at playing in the NFL – and a number of SC’s coaches have NFL playing experience to share.

Hopefully, however, running backs coach Todd McNair is only demonstrating on-field NFL-caliber behavior, as opposed to drawing in his prior experience in animal abuse.  It’s been a while, Mr McNair, so please keep it that way.


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  1. I’m sure on this here internet, I have become known as a no-class dogfighting aficionado &/or sympathizer, but I think that we have to distinguish between being party to training dogs to fight & attending fights, & mutilating & torturing (to death) the same dogs. Michael Vick, dogfighter or not, would have been far over the line in his treatment of his animals. But training & breeding dogs, remaining ever vigilant to their sensitivities, to fight would not, for me, be much differentiated from horse-training & -breeding or bull-fighting.

    What I mean is, there is a rather large intervening stop between “fighting dogs” & “animal cruelty”. Very few get that, leastways the state animal control boards (in states that also licence & profit from greyhound racing (I see no greyhound race operators doing perp-walks, but I do see Vick taking one)). But something to consider.

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