Coaching for dummies: the Luis Aragones file

Lesson 73: Never be afraid to be a jackass in public.

You may remember that Spain manager Luis Aragones caused a brief storm of outrage etc., etc., a couple of years ago by referring to Thierry Henry as a “black shit.”

Evidently since Spain and France don’t play one another in qualification for Euro 2008, Aragones is 1) not worried about giving Henry a little “locker room quote” motivation, and generally doesn’t give a shit about what he’s heard saying.

Snatch of deja vu as Aragonés taunts Henry | News | Guardian Unlimited Football

Having seen the Spain coach produce a neat piece of skill while messing around on the training pitch, Valencia’s Joaquín remarked how Aragonés was just like Henry. Aragonés responded: “Que coño Henry! Que coño Henry!” But while coño literally translates as a very rude term for the female genitals it is nowhere near as strong in Spanish as its English counterpart. The meaning of “Que coño Henry” is closer to “Henry – who the hell is Henry?!”

Not terribly strong, but fairly detached from reality. I think the English meaning of coño is perfectly suited to Aragones, though.


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  1. Que idioto.

    Just wanted to say good luck today- I know it’s a big, big day for DCT & T71. My love of PV4 means that I’m not necessarily on board with you today, but ultimately I want France & Scotland to qualify with Italy getting squeezed out.

  2. Who is Karim Garcia?

    Aragones has lost it a long time ago. Time for the Spanish FA to buck up and hire someone based on accomplishment rather than pricetag. If you thought the English FA royally fucked up with McLaren, you’ve no idea how incompetent the Spanish FA really is.

  3. I’m starting to get the idea, I’ll tell you that much. And Second Choice Steve gets through Russia in one piece, he’s going to start looking okay to the FA…

  4. Not a bad day for the island of Great Britain. Massive wins each.

    I still think McLaren’s a joke (seriously, Heskey?). But all the credit to McFadden and company for a gutsy win in France (Henry needs to really step it up).

  5. […] Cons: Unfortunately, with the 2012 Olympics in London and the 2014 winter games in Sochi, Russia, 2016 in Madrid would place three games in a row in Europe, which is highly unlikely. Also, the competition venues for the games would take place in two different areas: one would feature just the olympic stadium and aquatic center, and the other would be by the Manzanares (Spanish for “apple orchards”) River and would host most of the rest. And according to the results of Madrid’s bid to get the 2012 games, their transportation infrastructure needs to be updated. And last, but not least, there is the fact that Spain is perceived to be a very racist country, and they certainly haven’t helped themselves with the basketball team’s photos, and Spanish soccer coach Luis Aragones’s comments regarding Thierry Henry. […]

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