Le resultat impossible pour Ecosse – mais, c’est vrai!

I can’t believe it. I can’t fucking believe it. I was already excited – I’m flying to Scotland tomorrow for my brother’s wedding, and to see family that I haven’t seen in 7 years. Now I’m over the bloody moon.

The 3 -1 win over Lithuania was exciting enough – and when Alex McLeish said they were going for the gusto in Paris but would settle for a draw, I thought he was just breaking with the tradition of poor-mouthing Scotland’s chances. I doubt that it was the most beautiful football ever played, but they fucking did it again: Scotland 1, France 0.

Scotland are now on the top of group B for the Euro 2008 qualifiers… you have to think they have a chance, a small chance, but a chance of qualifying.

Hats off to James McFadden for hammering in the winning goal.

I’d look pleased with myself too!


5 Responses

  1. Tartan Army: top of the table, bitches!

    Congrats again.

    Speaking of getting rid of ignorant coaches, when the hell are France going to abandon the clueless and useless Domenech? I mean really, how can you take yourself seriously as a soccer nation when you employ a coach who makes his selections based on astrology, not picking Robert Pires and others because they are Scorpios? Get rid of that wankeur, already. They sucked in WC qualifying until he basically turned over coaching/leadership duties to Zizou, and ZZ10, PV4 , Thuram, and Ribery took the team all the way to the final despite him. Now he is playing uninspired cattennacio and hoping for 1 moment of brilliance from Anelka, TH12, Ribery, or Malouda, and it is starting to bite him in the ass. End rant.

  2. Here’s McFadden’s goal:

  3. Nothing wrong with his selection per se. And it’s not like the team didn’t dominate Scotland for much of the match. They were unduely defensive against Italy, but then again as long as they didn’t lose that match they were in fairly good shape. I don’t like Domenech either, but it’s not his fault if Henry is shite for France (gotcha!). Well, in seriousness, it’s not his fault that all that domination wasn’t converted to goals. You can tactically plan everything except clinical finishing. As an Arsenal fan, you should know that better than anybody.

  4. simple fact – the teams that scores more goals wins.

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