A win’s a win, for a’that…

So much to my great surprise, Scotland won again in Euro 2008 qualification play, beating Ukraine 3 – 0. While they are a little short-staffed for the mid-week game in Georgia, they are close enough to qualifying that a win against Georgia and a draw against Italy would see them through. That’s a bit of a tall order, but not completely out of the question – after all, who would have thought that Scotland would beat France twice? Highlights below, following this happy thought from Alex McLeish:

Kenny Miller’s fourth-minute header from McFadden’s free-kick to the near post and Lee McCulloch’s clinical finish from another textbook set-piece, this time delivered by Ferguson, were reward for the adventure McLeish had stressed away from public ears. They were also a reflection of an exuberant team that has forgotten how to win ugly. McLeish admitted: “They were belters. It is pretty beautiful to watch, although I couldn’t care if one went in off somebody’s arse on Wednesday night.”


As for USC, they managed to lose poll places for narrowly winning at Arizona… and never mind the lack of style points, they are so banged up from injuries that any reasonable person would have to conclude that they could very easily feel lucky to only lose 3 more games in conference play. However, a win’s a win, no matter how closely fought. The Arizona players made comments about how the mystique is gone and they nearly had they game – but you didn’t, did you, gentlemen, despite playing an O-line that’s got scout team players in the mix.

One true bright spot though – Joe McKnight finally showed what he’s capable of, if he can get a little room to run through the opposition’s defensive line. The second highlight run was most interesting because he doesn’t look like he’s going all that fast, but the Arizona players catching him have their legs going 19 to the dozen… the last player I can think of that I saw running like that in a college game, where he didn’t look fast even as he left people in the dust, was the dreaded Vince Young. I’m not saying that McKnight is going to be that successful or dominant, but that’s the kind of running back I want to see playing for SC.


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