Fingers crossed…

As noted in the Guardian, the news that Georgia’s third choice goalie will start tonight in Tbilisi makes me think that the dream ends here. But just in case, I’ll be following the results here.

Now, where’s my lucky rabbit’s foot?


2 Responses

  1. Good luck lads.

    I think y’all will be fine tonight. I have watched a lot of Georgia games this year and truth be told they are just not very good on either side of the ball 😉

    I think Scotland will keep it going.

    And if things don’t go well, at least you can get your schadenfreude on: Engerland just finished coming from ahead to lose in Moscow, and if my calculations are correct, they no longer control their own destiny.

  2. So much optimism, Kanu. I can’t get into anti-English schadenfreude at the moment though, because I have to find a South Africa shirt of the rugby world cup final.

    Well, that and go and dry my tears with my brand new purchased in a moment of McFadden inspired optimism Scotland shirt.

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