We are going to break your heart

Oh noes. Do. Not. Want.


What did you expect, a fucking miracle? Ye great numpty…

We all knew it was going to happen, but that doesn’t make it any more pleasant: Georgia 2, Scotland 0.

I shall quote the text message I just sent to my brother:

They had to pick this game of all games to return to the usual standard of play? Fuckity fuck fuck fuckit.

Sigh. My mistake I suppose, for daring to dream and looking into the price of a round trip ticket from Washington Dulles to Vienna.

Still, if this means that the era of bizarro results is over, can we look forward to USC giving Notre Dame a good hammering this weekend? Probably not. Gah.


5 Responses

  1. I know that the unbridled Scottish optimism running through your veins and making up your DNA might make you reluctant to accept this possibility, but I’ve run the numbers and it’s pretty simple at this point: beat Italy at home and you are in.

    And that is assuming that France beat Lithuania (0-0 on 43 min currently) and then win away to Ukraine in their last match, and that Italy beat the Fairy Islands at home, which of course they will. So you still control your own destiny, because Italy will have 26 pts after beating the fairies and Scotland have 24, so beat them and you have 27 to their 26.

    Another scenario is that France fuck up today and either draw or lose to Lithuania, and then lose away to Ukraine in the final match. Although Ukraine will have nothing to play for, an away match in Ukraine in late November is not going to suit them at all weather wise, so it is still possible that France might fail to get to the 24 points which you are currently sitting on and would stay on even in the event of a loss to Italy.

    Don’t throw that shirt away just yet.

    {cue eternal Scottish pessimism fueled dismissal of such things as facts/figures/hopes/chances in three, two, one…}

  2. Here’s the other fact for you: Including 1990, Scotland has qualified for 2 out of the last 5 World Cups, and 2 out of the 4 Euro championships.

    Sure, it’s mathematically possible, but if they can lose to a bunch of 17 year olds from Georgia, anything really is possible.


  3. Although it’s still goalless for France and Lithuania in the 71st minute… hmm.

  4. TH12’s brace just destroyed scenario 2, so again, it’s simple:

    Beat Italy and you’re in. Still all to play for.

  5. miserable performance, the only bright spot being the time i took off of work to watch it.

    we’ll see. they’ll play a blinder against italy for sure. fletcher was no more than a pile of fletcher and the absence of scott brown and the strange refusal to start kris boyd played a roll in the defeat.

    plus non-commital tackiling and slack passing.

    and the georgian keeper’s hair. are perms still in down there????

    still main point – because of our performances we are no longer a european 4th seed. this means a more favorable qualifying group for the next world cup.

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