Fuck you Manuel Mejuto González

(Editorial note: if you would like to see a reasonable response to the game, go here. If you want to see demented emoting, read on.)

FUCK you, Manuel Mejuto González, you FUCKING BASTARD. I suppose you had to have some shit officiating throughout – the iffy ruling against the Italians’ second goal, the no-penalty against Italy for the handball in the box, the penny-ante non-fouls against Scotland – so that when you fucking threw the fucking game to the Italians with no fucking time left for Scotland to at least try for an equalizer, people wouldn’t wonder just how much fucking money you took from the Italians.

If Scotland had just lost on their own merits, I’d have said fair enough, but to lose after a fucktacularly awful fucking call – that’s the fucking limit. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. Someone should have a look at your bank account, you fucking bastard. It’s not like Italy is free of people who have skills in rigging sporting events.


Wanted: for fucking awful refereeing.

It’s not that I don’t like refs, Manuel Mejuto González, no-one’s perfect. But the timing of that call was like asking a girl, hey, do you mind if I give you a poke in the arse, and when she reacts with stunned silence, poking it in dry anyway. That was dry-fucking rectum- robbery, Manuel Mejuto González, so fuck you fuck you fuck you. Fuck you.

Editorial note: I waited until I calmed down before I started to write this. In case I am accused of lacking historical perspective, or indeed any perspective, certainly MacFadden could have scored a second goal instead of shooting wide, but that in itself wouldn’t have saved them from Gonzalez’s fucking awful decision. No, I think the historical perspective we need is this:

It wasn’t enough that Spain was the home of the Inquisition, it wasn’t enough that Spain massacred the natives throughout Latin America, it wasn’t enough that they built an empire on theft, it wasn’t that they were so fucking lazy that they didn’t even pretend that their theft was trade, it wasn’t enough that Spain got a head start on European fascism and the Nationalists allowed the Nazis to practice dive bombing on civilian populations. No, you had to go and crush the dreams of a small country that for the first time in nearly 10 years had fielded a decent team and had OUTPLAYED the world cup winners for most of the game. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. Fuckity fuckity fuckity fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

As long as we’re keeping score here, you know who else I blame? The English. If they had finished off the Armada properly, this might never have happened.

Anyway. In conclusion, Manuel Mejuto González, fuck off, you fucking useless bastard, for pulling the fucking rug out from under Scotland. If ever there was a referee who had earned a sharpened 50 pence piece or an empty Bucky bottle to the head, it was you* – you should feel lucky that was the Tartan Army and not an Old Firm crowd, you jamon-guzzling**, paella-snorting**, rioja-sipping**, thieving, cheating bastard.

* Of course this isn’t serious – no ref should be physically harmed for their decisions, no matter how ludicrous, or Mr Gonzalez would have been at risk from supporters of both sides. A bit of verbal abuse, however…

** Just in case you’ve got this far and were wondering, I don’t actually mind the Spanish. I like jamon, paella, and rioja. Perhaps years of having to put up with English tourists and retirees on the Costa Del Sol might push a man over the edge. But I prefer to think that Manuel Mejuto González is a useless bastard.


16 Responses

  1. Sucks.

    Damn, I fear for what this post would have been had you not waited a while to calm down.

    Again, sucks.

    Even worse is Russia hitting the post in extra time before Israel gets the gamewinner a minute later.

    Sorry, lads.

  2. I didn’t know that, Kanu. I returned to the warm embrace of college football and errands this afternoon. I should probably delete this post, but not yet.

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  4. This so called ref either knows fuck all about football or had a nice padded wallet at full time!!

  5. And as for the linesman, he needs his fuckin eyes tested!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. awesome. We have being sitting here miserable as fuck since saturday, and i have never laughed so hard in my entire life. Laughing. then laughing a bit louder, then blaming the english! lying on the floor by that point. Too funny mate, too funny. You should take up journalism. You’re a legend. In true scottish style, you’ve fixed our broken hearts with humour. thank you

  7. Manuel Mejuto Gonzalez can fuck himself until the day he dies, fucking prick ass matrch fixing bastard.

    Scotland was robbed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. fuckin horrible dego prick.

  9. i love the other linesman who gave us a goal when it shouldn’t have been and denied Italy a goal when it should have been. Fuck you Manuel Mejuto Gonzalez (he lives in the Spanish town of La Felguera if you want to go over there!)!

  10. Manuel fuckin mejuto italian arse lickin gonalez. u robbin cheating cunt. I would love to no why you and your fuck wit linseman gave that free kick. If anything it was a free kick for us. You have made me sick everytime i get out of bed in the mornand think about you fuckin cheating us. We deserved more WHY WHY WHY you cunt.

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  13. What about his decision against Celtic this Cunt of a referee is a disgrace to fifa

  14. How can this fucking idiot still be around!? Fuck you Mejuto González!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I hate that fucking cunt. Sweden didn’t go to VM because of him!

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