NFL Sedatives and other miscellany

The aged parents are in town from the west coast to spoil the grandchildren, which means a sudden spike in NFL football on the telly here at Estancia DC Trojan. I usually watch the professional game only as a last resort on a Sunday or Monday evening. After enjoying their initial bafflement at everything being on at a different time of day, and horror at being forced to watch the Ravens instead of a good game, it became clear that the aged parents really prefer this tedium. I decided to give it a go to be sociable.

All I got out of the experience was irritation that Eli Manning remains employed despite being a passenger in the Giants’ win. This may have been amplified by the fact that I would have preferred to see Buffalo win, but there you go.

Other odds and ends:

  • The five minutes of the Milan derby I managed to catch, showed off better footy than most Premier league games.
  • The closest I got to English footy today was seeing Chelsea – Blackburn that was on a big screen in a pub across the street from the Baja Fresh where we were feeding the kids lunch. They not be as good as the Milans, but that was a little too far a remove. Must try harder on Boxing Day.
  • Who would have thought that UCLA’s offensive line can protect their kicker long enough to make 50+ yard field goals, but not prevent a block on a chip shot for a bowl win? Other than anyone who’s seen them play all year, or not me, that is.
  • Other UCLA questions: why is McLeod Bethel-Thompson-McAvoy-Bechtel-Anderson-Coopers-Lybrand more convincing as a pocket passer than their starters? Why does their genuinely talented defensive corps feel compelled to flag-monger on 98% of their plays?
  • Tangentially related to UCLA: any truth to the rumor that Mike Bellotti’s revised contract with Oregon included reinstatement to the local country club for his lovely wife? Anyone else disappointed she’s not heading south to take on the LA press corps, seconds out? Oh well.
  • Thistle71 reminded me that Anderson’s performance today for the Browns was a reminder of why the Oregon faithful – when Anderson played for Oregon State – fondly referred to him as “Anderception.”
  • The missus and I went out for an early-ish dinner sans offspring this evening, which was delightful. However, the ration of shit I took afterwards for buying “High Voltage” by AC/DC was impressive in its succinct and deflating focus: “I can’t believe you’re buying that. What decade is this again?”
  • I’m listening to said CD as I type this, and it’s frankly like Status Quo as re-imagined by antipodean delinquents. That’s somewhat unfair though, as Status Quo would never have come up with the glory of the bagpipe solo on “It’s a long way to the top (if you wanna rock and roll). Just saying.

If you’re inclined to observe winter solstice celebrations, good luck to you with that. I’m asking Santa for a successful debut of the rat trap that I’m about to set in the garage for whatever rodent is eating rat bait and not dying. Goodwill to all men, but not to disease spreading rat fucks and other furry horrors.

Best of luck to all my non-vermin readers. All 12 24 (thanks Wikipedia) of you, like an advent calendar of blog-consumption.


2 Responses

  1. Shit, I’m starting to worry if Vieira can even get back into the INter starting lineup when he returns from his injury…

    Best to you and your family DCT- I hope you had a “brilliant” holiday.

    Aside— the most remarkable think about the latest Joey Barton incident isn’t what everyone is talking about {i.e. that he may be the biggest fuckup in modern English football}, it is the fact that he was again at a freaking Mickey D’s. Forget about the fact that as a professional athlete that shite is the last thing you would ever want to put into your body. Dude, you are on like 30,000 pounds Sterling a week- why the FUCK are you eating McDonalds??? Does eating there give you the warm fuzzies remembering the time you beat the shit out of a Malaysian teenager at one? Most hideous cunt in world football right now, and that’s quite an accomplishment…

  2. Many thanks Kanu, and same to you. (We did, more or less.)

    As for Barton: what a troglodyte. I’ve been off line for a couple of days so I hadn’t seen the story. Barton’s the kind of trash that keeps middle-class rugby union fans smugly sure of their place in the sporting scheme of things.

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