Bowls bowls bowls… and 16 – 0

Bowl games watched to date:

Holiday Bowl, in portions: Who was that burnt orange team? Rudy Carpenter is given another opportunity to learn the benefits of keeping your yap shut before the game.

Emerald Bowl: All you need to know about Maryland’s first half: if you look conspicuously dirty on the same field as Oregon State, you are playing some filthy football. All you need to know about Maryland’s second half: run-run-pass-punt isn’t being sticking with the gameplan until it works, it’s playing into the hands of a strong defense trying to cover up a QB who looks like Joe Campus but passes and runs like me.

Alamo Bowl: That was a lot of trash-talking from an Aggie safety / corner in the first quarter; oddly I couldn’t see him working his routine as Penn State ran out the clock for the win. The only good thing I can find to say about the Aggie fans is that they don’t sit around blubbing like Oklahoma or Ohio State fans. I have no reason to dislike the Aggies, but oh do I ever.

Also: watched the Giants – Patriots games. That was actually an interesting game. As I was watching the Patriots battering away and not getting very far, all I could think was “they need to hold on long enough for Eli to get back to being Eli.” A botched hand-off and an interception later, plus a couple of “fuck me!” plays was all it needed. The primary example of that: Moss doesn’t catch a long pass, Brady responds to pressure on the next play and hits Moss inside for what, a 45 yard TD reception? Holy crap. But there’s something to be said for the brief emergence of “mad bastard” play in the pro game.

I guess some people have a stick up their ass about the Patriots for cheating, running up the score, or just winning a lot, but that’s pretty damn impressive. Bravo, gentlemen.


2 Responses

  1. No way, I hope Rudy runs his mouth before the Dawgs go out to the desert on Sept. 20, 2008. Hopefully he can fill up with a full helping of HP hubristic condescension… “well you know, they haven’t played a regular season game outside the geographic South since 1965…”

    Best part of the Pats is sticking it to those collection of classless small penised fucktards called the 72 dolphins, who for years have gone around openly rooting for undefeated teams to lose, and then popping champagne and talking shit every time it happened. Shula started in when the Pats were only about 6-0 that if they went undefeated then it should have an asterisk and would never be as “pure” as their undefeated season. Amani Toomer said that in 1998 they promised him champagne if they beat the 13-0 Broncos. They did, and the Little Men of 72 never lived up to their word, too busy toooting their own horns and driving Hummers to compensate for their incredibly small penises. Only thing better would be if Miami had managed to go a perfect 0-16 this season, in the same year that NE went 16-0. So fuck you 72 Dolphins- you are 3 games from being banished to an afterthought in NFL history, which would actually be deserved since these Patriots are one of the best teams ever and you were by all accounts one of the weakest teams if not the weakest to ever win the Super Bowl, which makes your immature and classless behavior over the past 30 years that much more embarrassing.

    Oh, and a happy new year to the whole DCT/T71Empire.

  2. You’ve got a pretty good chance of Rudy running his mouth pre-Dawgs – if the hammerings handed out by the USC and Texas D-lines and linebackers haven’t sunk in, I doubt anything will.

    As for the 72 Pats, seriously. The saddest part is that story about them reneging on the champagne in 98 – I mean it’s not like Shula and Griese are living off their NFL pensions or anything.

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