Editorial News: Barton Book Reviews Cancelled

In light of Joey Barton’s recent arrest and apparent inability to avoid either McDonald’s or beating the shit out of people, we’ve decided to cancel our agreement for further book reviews. Frankly, most of the reviews that we were receiving were of at best politically dubious validity, or of “top shelf” magazines. The combined lack of imagination in the reviews (condensed version: “I like tits.”) and the OLI, ILO* rule governing what’s allowed in said magazines from the UK, rendered them of little interest. He has also failed both to comment upon continental titles acquired for him, and to return same. Actually, we don’t want them back at this juncture.

*Outer labia in, inner labia out.


2 Responses

  1. I thought is was “I like tits and I LOVE beating the fuck out of people for no reason”…

  2. I think that’s the proposal for his autobiography, but we’re not publishing that. Wouldn’t touch it with the proverbial 10 foot bargepole.

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