Maybe it wasn’t just Big Sam

Sam Allardyce gets the boot for losing too many games, possibly the team, and certainly some of the fans. Net result? Manchester United 6, Newcastle 0.

Even when one runs a team into the ground, they rarely do worse in the aftermath of your departure.

Rumor has it that one A. Shearer is the fan favorite to come and take the job, while others suspect that Mourinho might be persuaded. The idea of having to look at Shearer’s mug in the technical box makes me queasy, and also think that this little ditty could be ripe for a comeback…

Cheer up Alan Shearer

Oh what can it mean

to a sad Geordie bastard

and a shite football team.

Now watch he takes over and does nothing to win. I wouldn’t put it past him, the creosote slapping so-and-so.


5 Responses

  1. A part of me want to see those stupid Geordies get their wish just so I can watch Shearer run their precious little “big club” into such disarray that they have to go down to 1st Division to sort it out a la Leeds. Maybe that’ll finally get it through their skulls about what to expect from their club.

  2. Even crazier is that it was 0-0 at halftime. I didn’t see the match, but it sounds like the Tartan Army raised the white flag at about the hour mark.

    Maybe AS can teach them how to discretely elbow their way up to the InterToto cup by May.

    Could be worse for Newcastle- they could be Spurs.

    Moin! Hope all is well, dude.

  3. Oops. I meant the Toon Army.

    Many apologies; a poor mistake, especially in these parts.

  4. Moin, harsh but true words, I think. And welcome back.

    Kanu, I did wonder about the “Tartan Army” remark – as for the Toon Army, there’s only so much that they can be expected to tolerate before they lapse into silence.

    I don’t think that even Alan Shearer’s elbows could get Newcastle into the Inter Toto cup at the rate they’re going.

  5. Heh, thanks guys. I go on Xmas break like La Liga. Overall, I don’t have much feeling for or against Newcastle, but it is ridiculously annoying to listen to the “Toon Army” and their stupid adulation of an overrated English striker.

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