King Kev’s preview of footballing Sisyphus

I managed to catch 20 minutes of the Newcastle – Bolton game today. The players for Newcastle were plainly making more of an effort than when I last saw them laboring away against Stoke City on 6 January in the FA Cup (a game that Stoke City should have felt unlucky not to win). However, you wouldn’t confuse them with Arsenal or Inter Milan quite yet. Plenty of effort, no tactical nous as such, and easily thwarted when they had to resort to pinging the ball around Bolton’s defense.

I know that they have Sky and terrestrial television in Glasgow, as well as newspapers… well, television anyway, so Keegan cannot have been unaware of what he was getting himself into. I should have that kind of energy and optimism when I’m in my 50s. Shit, I should have that kind of energy and optimism now.

But I think he’s got a hell of a task ahead of him.


2 Responses

  1. Keegan was the last “successful” manager at Tyneside, so he was actually the best (realistic) signing for Newcastle. At least Newcastle back then always entertained. I’m actually very impressed that they pulled it off, considering the alternative. I think he’s got some pieces in place (I’m a huge fan of Martins, ever since his Inter days).

    First task is to get rid of Barton. I don’t give a toss how talented (or English) he might be, it’s just not worth the trouble.

  2. Couldn’t agree more about Barton. Nothing wrong with him that a short stint in jail and a job as a shovel man on a road crew wouldn’t conceal from the rest of us.

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