Luis Aragones watches F1 racing – who knew?

Charming story about groups of Spanish Formula One fans – apparently unhinged by “mistreatment” by McLaren of gigantic cry-baby Fernando Alonso – taking the time to go and watch Lewis Hamilton practice at the Circuit de Catalunya. Charming, inasmuch as they did it in blackface, brought along banners with racist slogans, and cracked out some racist chants.

The Spanish Racing Federation was at least better able than the Football Federation to issue a suitably indignant press release:

“The Federation wants to show its absolute repulsion at these incomprehensible incidents and demonstrate its support and solidarity for the McLaren team and especially their driver Lewis Hamilton,” said a statement.

“This type of idiots that are confusing sporting rivalry with violence should be aware that the Federation has a zero-tolerance approach to this issue.”

And rightly so.

What a bunch of scumbags – I suppose they’d mugged enough illegal African immigrants that they had the money for tickets and some boot black.

I wonder how many of them can be found at the Camp Nou cheering for Samuel Et’o, Thierry Henry, and Ronaldinho?


2 Responses

  1. Shameful ignorance.

    The teams drivers should all rally around dude and refuse to race if that shit happens, just like when Eto’o said “No mas!” at Zaragoza a few years ago and all of his Barca teammates said that they would back him and refuse to play.

    A little surprised that this happened in Catalunya- my impression is that the people in that area would be more sensitive to such things than in some other areas.

  2. Apparently the FIA has indicated that if there’s any more of that malarkey, they’ll consider canceling the Spanish Grand Prix. We’ll see. As for Catalunya being more open-minded, I dunno.

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