The final insult to Richard Scudamore

Sepp Blatter once proposed that women’s football would sell better if the players would wear smaller, tighter shorts. Sepp Blatter also thinks that Richard Scudamore’s plan to establish a 39th round Premiership game to be played outside England is inane, and is willing to pull out the stops to prevent it – including scuppering England’s planned bid on the 2018 World Cup.

There’s a lot to be said against Scudamore’s plan, but there are two main criticisms: the first is that it buggers up a home-and-away format that is the only fair thing left in the Premier League. Derby County may not have a hope in hell of winning the league but at least they get a crack at the opposition at home. It’s a symmetrical setup, and all the better for it. The second is that as soon as the NFL introduce another match, and suspicions about the fixture list and whether the Big 4 all get minnows to play, will be rife. The minnows are also less prepared, and less experienced, at playing overseas and this would magnify their relative disadvantage.

If any further proof were needed that English fans have ceased to be a primary concern of the Premier League, except to the extent that they are part of the revenue stream, this would be it.

On the bright side, UEFA and the Federation of Asian Associations have already told Scudamore to stuff it, and now Blatter heaves into view.

And therein lies what makes me most angry about Scudamore’s plan – he’s now got me agreeing with Sepp Blatter. Feh.


One Response

  1. strike NFL /strike EPL.

    Oh, and I agree with everyone else on planet earth- this idea is horrible in 1001 ways.

    Fortunately the associations where potential host cities are located would have to sanction such matches, and they are lining up against the idea pretty hard, as they realize this would constitute fans of their country sending their dollars back to the Isle at the expense of their local soccer clubs.

    All they need to do is either play the Community Shield abroad to get that foreign $$$, or create a meaningless but “official” preseason of 2 or 3 fixtures, a la the NFL, that serves no other purpose than to separate die hard fans and their additional disposable income. Either of those scenarios would get swallowed by the soccer masses with a little fussing and a frowny face, but it would still go over as it would no directly affect the integrity of the EPL season {and most other major soccer leagues}, which is the truest and fairest way in all of world sport to determine a champion.

    Short of that- if you want to see Arsenal, then get your ass on a plane and fly to London.

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