a change of youtube pace – Vatanen demolishes Pikes Peak

Much as I likes the bunda, it’s time for something a little different… Ari Vatanen tearing up Pikes Peak in a Peugeot 405 T16, built so that Peugeot could amuse themselves after the demise of Group B rallying. (Because when the FIA bans a racing class for being too dangerous, plainly the thing to do is make a version of your car that goes to 11 and race it up the side of a mountain.)

There’s plenty to enjoy here – the bug eating shit on one of the cameras at about 2.45, or the right rear wheel almost going over the edge on one corner, for instance, but I think watching Vatanen driving like this one-handed so he could shade his eyes might the thing I most want to be able to do in a car… unlikely, alas.


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