the power of teams

It wasn’t an intentional effort, but I spotted the BBC story, and Orson took it to the next logical level Kanu wrote a dissertation on the subject – with pictures, so go look! – and now Swindle’s probably going to make it go supernova…


Yee, and indeed, ha.


3 Responses

  1. Actually, I took your pass and marched downfield with it, then alerted Swindle that he shouldn’t have any trouble scrambling to come up with Friday Cheesecake bunda this week.

    But I don’t give a shit about the who or the when or the how, as long as copious amounts of people are exposed to the what of the matter.

  2. No no, credit where it’s due, and I have amended the post appropriately.

  3. Not at all necessary, the important thing is that the celebration of bunda grows, no matter the means or vessels. And you’re right- given 5 minutes of prep time on the subject, Swindle would crush all our asses on this, and damn near any other subject.

    Full credit to you, who first shone your light on this beautiful gem of a story.

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