Spanish Satisfaction

Not a lot to say lately, because half of the footballing world has more than excoriated Richard Scudamore and the 39th game proposal. And in the meantime, the wife’s been doing a lot of weekend volunteer work, which has dramatically reduced football viewing time. In fact, all I saw was portions of the split screen coverage of Barca – Atletico, and Real – Recreativo, plus the Arsenal – Milan Champions’ League game in the form of pirated highlights on YouTube. Therefore, a couple of thoughts only. For Arsenal:

  • Fabregas’ goal against Milan was entertaining but it was his scorching by Gattuso that did it for me. The shot was ballsy, but it was not quite McFadden-esque.
  • Opposition teams should be shitting themselves at the way that Walcott and Adebayor combined for the second goal. It looked like Walcott only had been sped up on the replay.
  • Surest sign that Milan were giving it their all: Pippo “What’s offside again?” Inzaghi was actually taking shots from onside positions.

And for the Spanish league action:

  • Third best highlight of the weekend:  Atletico’s Kun Aguero’s first against Barca
  • Second best highlight: Ronaldinho’s bicycle kick goal against Atletico
  • Best highlight: Recreativo’s goalkeeper Steffano Sorrentino goes up against Raul for the ball, and simultaneously gets the ball and – realizing a long time dream of mine – gives Raul a good smack to the chops.

And there you have it.


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