Scant consolation, but still…

The notion of Liverpool meeting Chelsea in the Champions League Semifinals is the original lead balloon of inspiration, so here’s Theo Walcott.

If the Gunners were a bit more vigilant in defense (or, to take a broader view, if Arsene Wenger bought in a couple of better defenders), we might have more of this to anticipate. Ah well.


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  1. I dig that the only words I understood other than “Theo & Walcott” were the 2 different references to Maradona {and I assume the mazy run preceding the 86 World Cup goal against England- the legitimate one}.

    This was like the Joe Tereshinski touchdown catch against Florida a couple years ago- great on it’s own, would have gone down in team legend if they had won, but with the loss now every time it is thought of the next thought will be the disappointment of the loss.

    Theo- 5 goals, 4 assists this season in limited appearances. Eboue, 0 goals, 1 assist all season in many more appearances. Come on Arsene, figure it out.

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