Cops gone wild

If you’re going to go out, go out in a blaze of glory. The chief of police in Tehran, who’s also in charge of the national campaign against vice, was caught with six nekkid prostitutes in a Tehran brothel.

Presumably when the truth comes out, it will emerge that he was simply interviewing these young women to ascertain what led them to paid nooky in the first place. He certainly wasn’t trying to bust 6 nuts at once, oh no.

Still. It’s hard to imagine why people would be interested in prostitution in Tehran. I mean between the crappy economy, rampant unemployment, and repressive regulation of hormonal interactions of even the most harmless sort, who could imagine that women would take money for sex and men would pay it?

Perhaps one day they will be able to enjoy the benefits of a modern economy and liberalized society, where young women blow young men for free, on-line porn is cheap and plentiful, and fundamentalists can consult chat rooms about whether spunking on the wife’s face is creating something in the Lord’s image.

(There’s awkward, by the way: suppose you create an image of the weeping virgin with your, ah, output – must you have people look at “Our Lady of the Spilled Seed” in the original, or will a photograph suffice?)


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