Britain’s streets are that much safer

Joey Barton, erstwhile book reviewer for this site, was sentenced to six months’ jail time for assault and affray. This was for an assault on two people in Liverpool last December, as opposed to his pending case for beating the shit out of former Manchester City team-mate Ousmane Dabo, whom he jumped from behind. It wasn’t clear if his female cousin, who had egged him on to the fight, got jail time as well.

Apparently Barton has sought help for his drinking issues (he was 12 pints in when he got in the Liverpool fight) but he was presumably sober when he went for Dabo on the training ground. Mind you, this is the same man who stubbed out a lit cigar on the eyelid of a Manchester City youth player, so who knows?
I understand that alcohol problems cause people to act in inappropriate ways, and I understand that it’s possible that Barton was provoked, but he’s got a clear trail of battered people in his wake, and it’s high time that he’s held responsible for his actions. Perhaps he’ll get a lesson while he’s in the hoosegow about what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a right kicking. Or perhaps he’ll learn what Duncan Ferguson did after 44 days in the Bar-L for headbutting an opposing defender – stick to assaulting burglars.


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