Euro 2008 – I suppose I’ll watch

For whatever reason, I haven’t been all that excited about Euro 2008. Maybe it’s the absence of post-colonial match-ups like Portugal – Angola in the last world cup, and the fact that almost everyone fought everyone else at some point, so why bother using historical punch-ups as a guide?

Now that’s nearly here though I shall drop the facade of sang froid, and get cracking with the shouting and screaming. This is the first major tournament for which I have a DVR, so I don’t have to play my usual game of guessing which games are worth recording and getting it horribly horribly wrong.

There are plenty of good previews that will give more than I ever could, so before you head off to the Guardian, my pick to win:

Pick by heart: Holland, despite the near total absence of defensive players. Oranje!

Pick by swashbuckling: France, with the incomparable Ribery

Pick by strength of team / ease of path: Germany.

P.S. I watched the final for Euro 2004 in the guest lounge at the Hotel Framnes in Grundarfjörður in Iceland. This time, I’ll be in a wedding in LA at exactly the time of kickoff of the final. How the mighty have fallen.


3 Responses

  1. The Oranje of your heart isn’t the Oranje on the field man. They don’t play a 4-3-3 anymore, they play a 4-2-3-1, that’s right, two holding midfielders with Rudd at the top. There’s nothing Total Football about the current Dutch team.

  2. I know that they’ve given up on total football or even being entertaining, but I lived there for 6 years – it’s a sentimental journey, as they say.

  3. It been quite good thusfar, here’s hoping you catch the fever a bit. How can you not the way the Oranje are playing? {My secret hope at this point is that they meet Spain in the semifinals}.

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