Orange Crush will turn you inside out

And here I thought that Holland was a sentimental choice for this tournament. I can’t think when I’ve enjoyed two games as much as their dissections of Italy and France – beautiful to watch, and with much to appreciate. How a team that theoretically has no defense has been able to soak up the pressure from the opposition is amazing – at one point during the France game, unless my eyes deceived me, even Rudd van Nistelrooy was tracking back and tackling. Speaking of, his ridiculous move to thread the ball backwards between two French players and start the move that led to a Dutch goal was a thing of delight – the sort of audacious ball control that you’d expect from a Brazilian team.

I’m past prognostication – somewhere between Germany losing to Croatia and Italy barely escaping from Romania with a draw, it became even more clear than usual that I know nothing.

I’m just hoping that the Dutch don’t crash out in the first game of the elimination stages. But even if they do, what a pair of opening games to leave behind.



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  1. Indeed.

    Hard to see them losing to Russia or Sweden in quarterfinals {although obviously anything is possible}, meaning that we may very well be looking at a juicy semifinal matchup with the Spain/France or Italy or Romania survivor. Here’s hoping it’s Oranje & Espana.

  2. Orangje-Espana would be crazy fun. I’m in full support of that one.

    Though, I thought the 4-1 scoreline was more than just a little flattering, France dominated large portions of that match.

    BTW, did anybody catch the shot of Cruijff in the stands after VP scored the second goal? Completely stoic. He doesn’t seem to be enjoying the Dutch success as much as you’d think, perhaps still pissed at Van Basten abandoning the 4-3-3. Hehe.

  3. Moin, on the one hand, it’s true that the French didn’t roll over. On the other hand, scoreboard. The Dutch didn’t do anything that was different from their game against Italy, it was just a question of whether the French could stop it.

  4. a) the French team can’t adapt and lack commitment.

    b) people are too hung up on the role of formation in tactics.

    the main difference between the Oranje now and the Oranje 8 years ago is just de Jong and Engelaar in the middle as opposed to just Davids. That hardly seems like a slap in the face of attacking football, especially when played with wingbacks, two wingers, an attacking midfielder, and a forward. That’s 6 players constantly moving forward supported by holding midfielders- one even given the freedom to push forward when one stays back.

    their formation, like the 4-3-3 back in the day, is much more fluid than listed. at times it looks like old school Brasil rocking a 4-2-4, sometimes it condences to 4-4-1-1.

    The point behind the Dutch has always been their flexibility and adpatability – one touch passing, possession and forward movement. the exact formation is second to that.

    that’s why 2002 was such a disaster, because they lost that flexibility and dynamism.

    anyway, on to the dramatic failure and exit from the Euros!!!!! It, infortunately, is written.

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