My old pal Manuel Mejuto Gonzales strikes again…

Now admittedly it’s not denying the Italians a goal, then getting a free kick decision completely wrong and giving the Italians the opening for their win against Scotland, but my old chum Manuel Mejuto Gonzalez was up to his old tricks today during the Germany – Austria match. Thirty three fouls in 90 minutes, three yellow cards (a bit slack, surely), and both managers ejected… all in a day’s work. Actually, for all that the Oracle of Glasgow Andy Gray was making some noise about Mejuto Gonzalez being a fussy referee, the game statistics don’t show that heavy a hand: the Turkey – Czech Republic game yielded 28 fouls, 7 yellow cards, and a straight red when noted Turkish goal-keeping bully Volkan Demirel (6′ 2″, 203 lbs) brutally knocked over defenseless Czech striker Jan Koller (6′ 6″, 227 lbs).

Perhaps it’s not that Mr Mejuto Gonzalez is a crap referee – but when he gets it wrong, he doesn’t do so in half measures.


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  1. That double ejection was some Graham Poll shit for sure.

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