As it written…

…so shall it be. Thistle71 called it: Holland to crash out of the quarterfinals against Russia. I started to worry when I saw the Russians put Sweden to the sword – unsurprising in principle, but more dramatic in practice. From what I saw of the game, the Dutch just ran out of ideas and speed. Arshavin… well, I think that Sir Alex Ferguson should drop his objections to Cristiano Ronaldo leaving, and use the money to cross the palms of Zenit for the services of Arshavin… but what do I know?

My only objection to the Russians winning is their countrymen… but I suppose that there won’t be a bottle of anti-freeze or break fluid left in the country by tomorrow morning, so perhaps the colossal hangover will keep their hyper-nationalism* ebullience in check.

Speaking of, the last I heard from Thistle71 he was in a bar in Seattle with some disappointed Dutch fans – specifically, a text message saying “damn these Dutch fans are DRUNK.” This will end well, I can sense it.

*Not that this makes them any different from the rest of Europe, it’s the enormous chip on the shoulder and nuclear arsenal that raises the odd eyebrow.


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