A new frontier in global pun synergies

Arshavin. Arsene. Arsenal. Three great sources of arse-related jokes, destined for greater greatness together? Arshavin’s agent certainly thinks so:

“The stable situation in the club and the influence of Arsène Wenger to Arsenal and to English football is huge. I think this is an advantage,” said Lachter. “If Arsenal go for Arshavin it could be really good for both parties. Arsenal is a very young team and Arshavin is 27. There’s something about combining young and older players, they propagate attacking football.”

Oh please oh please oh please let this happen. I don’t want to wax emotional, but if this only proves to be a close shave, a rumour created by a cheeky agent, I’ll be bummed out.


3 Responses

  1. Prepare to be bummed out.

    Of course, you surely will be able to fall back on the certain fact that Arsene will sign some 20 year old Guatemalan that no one has ever heard of for 2 million quid, who will go on to be a solid player.

    If Mr. Yet To Be is half as good as last year’s signing of Bacary Sagna {arguably Arsenal’s best player in 07-08} then bring him on.

  2. Nice work, Kanu. And you’re right, the next Arsenal hero is unknown to most. We can but wait and see.

  3. So it turns out that Arsene was agreed to pay the 15 million quid to Zenit, but Arshavin’s wage demand was too high and after a 5 hour negotiation the whole thing ended in stalemate:


    Oh well, I’m sure he’ll wins loads of trophies at mighty mighty Spurs…

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