Genuinely baffled about Gerrard

I’m not prone to the levels of hagiography that a lot of the English press crank out for Steven Gerrard – while there’s no question about his motivation and ball skill, I just don’t see him as being in that top level of midfielder who can either see the field to drive the team forward or take over a game. He’s very good at his best, but not superlative.

That said, he’s also about the last person I’d expect to see in the nick over actual bodily harm and affray. If the reports are true that it was over a DJ’s unwillingness to play Gerrard’s faves (Phil Collins and Coldplay), I could see an argument to be made for assault on unsuspecting listeners, but Gerrard has never struck me as the type to knock someone about in the fashion of Joey Barton.

Pardon me for being a patronizing middle class twat, but it always looked to me like Gerrard had managed to maintain something of the best part of a working class consciousness – of finding joy in the game he played on a concrete estate, of caring about the reaction of the fans, of paying attention to kids from similar backgrounds – without any accompanying ASBO nonsense. It just seems out of character. Baffling, even. It’ll be interesting to see what the actual story / stories might be.


2 Responses

  1. Bizarre indeed. Shouldn’t he have been at home practicing his shameful diving?

    BTW, you should definitely have some business cards printed up that say:

    Patronizing Middle Class Twat

    • Ha – I mentioned it to a friend who’s a long time Chelsea fan – the sort who thinks it’s a shame that’s all that’s left of the shed is some wood in a bar – and he had much the same response – “unusual for a diver, really.”

      I am getting right on those business cards – may as well get a good start to the new year.

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