Songs that made 2008 worth listening to

Since I can’t post the entire Adam Freeland Radio 1 Essentials mix that Holly introduced me to, here are a couple of goodies from 2008…

I know that SFA released Hey Venus in 2007 everywhere else, but if I had known that it would be a 2008 release in the US, I would have bought it when I was in the ancestral homeland in late 2007, but I didn’t, so here we are.

Since we’ve already introduced Gruff Rhys, it’s worth mentioning his other release as half of Neon Neon, the concept album Stainless Style about John DeLorean. Almost too accurate in its retro glory.

Hooray for Evil Nine and zombies! [Caution – not for the impressionable, although bonus! no clowns]

Again, a 2007 release, but when I told the bartender at the 9.30 club that I was about to cut my Boddington’s can in two and remove my ears during the Fiery Furnaces’ opening “set” for Super Furry Animals, he mentioned that Holy Fuck had been good. And they were.

Looking at my list of music released in 2008, it’s clear that I need to up the ante a bit in 2009. I took a first step a few months ago with a subscription to eMusic, to force the issue, but now it’s a problem of keeping up with the equivalent of 3 – 4 cd’s a month. Early highlights:

I wouldn’t have thought that a bunch of moaning Scots would have been compelling, but Frightened Rabbit might beg to differ.

Anyway, hopefully there’ll be more to discuss in 12 months.


3 Responses

  1. Here to help. Cheers!

  2. Well, here to evangelize relentlessly, really, but everybody’s got a hobby.

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