The score so far

Work demands have been interfering with my ability to follow footy at the moment, so here’s the one thing I have been working on assessing: the quality of sazeracs at various restaurants in the business district and French Quarter in New Orleans. (life hands you lemons, etc., etc.)

The rankings thus far:

Top Notch:

  1. Luke
  2. Bayona


  1. G.W. Fins


  1. NOLA
  2. Muriel’s

Incidentally, that’s about the rank of quality of food, with the following caveats: 1) you could swap Luke and Bayona and that would be fair also, and 2) a definite exception in the case of Muriel’s – the table d’hote menu is sized so that you can really eat a three course meal, and the goat cheese crepes and shrimp starter is especially good. Skip the sazerac and get straight onto the food. NOLA, on the other hand, doesn’t seem worth the effort – if anything, I’m probably under-rating the cocktail because of the meal.

On the less fancy pants end, the turtle soup and shrimp half loaf at Mandina’s nearly finished me off the other night, but in a good cause. I rather doubt I shall eat a poboy outside of the state of Louisiana again.


2 Responses

  1. Soccer fan,

    Are you currently in NOLA? If so, sorry I can’t swing by and buy you a drink. I hope you are enjoying yourself. By the sounds of what you write, you’re on the right track.

    Nice words over on EDSBS. ‘Preciate you being game.

    Just wanted to come over and thank you for the jousting, however productive and juvenile it might be. Again and in the meantime, enjoy the greatest city in the Western Hemisphere.


  2. Joshua, likewise on the sparring. Not in NOLA at the moment, but I just spent most of the last couple of weeks there for work. It’s not doing my cardiac health any good, but oh my god the food. Big fan.

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