What’s this blog about anyway?

It started as a USC football blog, a questionable decision made in the offseason doldrums when there’s not enough content to really get started. The World Cup provided inspiration and a second author, and therefore a broader scope: USC Football, Oregon football, and world soccer, plus anything else that we damn well please.

Who are the two jackasses with keypads?

DC Trojan is an alumnus of the University of Southern California who spends his days sweating profusely in DC and attempting to justify to the IRS his claim that gin-and-tonic purchases are medical necessities for swamp living (quinine, you understand) and therefore should be payable out of flexible spending accounts. His sporting enthusiasms are defined mostly by supporting the team he dislikes least, on the basis of whim, with the following exceptions:

  • Pro: Always supports USC, always supports Scotland in football and rugby, Holland in football, prone to supporting Bolton because they so irritate all soccer journalists, any African team in the world cup.
  • Anti: Always cheers against UCLA, ASU, Stanford, Oregon State, Washington, Notre Dame, Tennessee, England (any sport except when playing Australia for the Ashes), Glasgow Celtic.

Thistle71 is a two time alumnus of the mighty (*cough*) University of Oregon. He is very pretty. His future lies either north of the border or somewhere in the South Pacific. He enjoys using the Third Person Narrative. The older he gets, the more and more he enjoys sitting around drinking cheap beer and watching a wide array of sports.

Sporting allegiances as follows –

  • University of Oregon (all sports), Scotland (all sports), PTFC (Ok!), Dutch National Football Squad, Seattle C-Hawks, Vancouver Canucks, BC Lions. Key similarity – all perennial underachievers

Bastard Squad

  • University of Washington, Oregon State, Arizona State, Denver Broncos, England (all sports), Rangers and Celtic as one entity, Switzerland (all sports) just ’cause, Bolton until Sam Allerdyce brings back the moustache, and Essendon. Key similarity – all bastards

The list o’ bastards is actually much longer, but I am not going to take all day to type it out. It is ever expanding and will likely be oft-explored in my postings. Lucky you.


4 Responses

  1. thanks for linking to our uplifting analysis of Cal/Zona; I’ve returned the favor. I see you’re pinch-hitting at Conquest Chronicles, and was wondering whether you’d be interested in a Q&A exchange. I mailed Displaced Trojan as well, but haven’t heard back. Let me know in any event, and good luck for a clean, injury-free game Saturday.

  2. Dude,

    I might be in DC on the night of the 7th. ANy suggestions on where to watch the game?

  3. Glad to find this blog, as a fellow Trojan stuck in the District.

    Fight On!

  4. thanks yojoe. Took a look at your blog – like the variations in topics.

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