You know why I haven’t posted anything?

Because somewhere around the 45th iteration of Carlos Tevez bleating on like a jilted 11 year old about Sir Alex Ferguson, I lost the will to even pretend that I was taking a hiatus.

(Speaking of, does anyone know where Sir Alex Ferguson was in the moments before Tevez injured himself by falling in the shower?)


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I’d blame Doug but it’s not his fault that I am easily led.


Least surprising story of the week

From the BBC

Five Manchester United fans, including a 16-year-old boy, have been stabbed ahead of the club’s game against Roma. Violence erupted between a group of 50 rival fans on a bridge near the Stadio Olimpico in Rome. Police used two baton charges to disperse the fans and arrested two British nationals. The last time the two teams met in April, 11 fans were taken to hospital after violence in the stadium. The stab injuries are not said to be serious. Consular officials are at the hospital where the 16-year-old is being treated because of a duty of care given his age. A Foreign Office spokesman said the situation outside and inside the stadium was “calm.” He said: “It appears there was trouble outside the stadium. “A number of British fans were injured and two British nationals have been arrested. “Our consular officials are on the way to the hospital to check on conditions, the numbers involved and whether anyone needs assistance. “The situation is now said to be calm both outside and inside the stadium.”

So, in summary:

  • Roma fans stab visiting supporters
  • Per usual, they are crap at stabbing because that would required getting close enough to be battered
  • The Italian police step in and bash the visiting supporters and arrest a couple for good measure

I’m not a ManU fan, and yet I find this a sadly predictable state of affairs.