Google comforts me: not the only confused super injunction searcher

Some of you (bear with me, it’s a conceit whether or not there’s an audience) may have been aware of the story over the past few weeks about Ryan Giggs, Manchester United midfielder extraordinaire, using a super injunction to try and quash press coverage in the UK of his exploits, ah, playing away from home.

(If you’re not familiar with super injunctions, they are a legal mechanism designed to let one not just suppress a story but even the announcement that a story is being squashed. I haven’t seen anything more concise and to my mind accurate than Marina Hyde’s take in the Guardian, should you be interested in the actual story: The Ryan Giggs story was not run with any noble intentions | Marina Hyde | Football | The Guardian.)

In any case, late one night I was reading about this and gave in to prurient interest: I searched to see who the lady in question might be. I saw that it was one Imogen Thomas, opened a new browser tab, typed in “Ryan Giggs Imogen,” realized that I had forgotten the last name, then saw the auto-complete “Imogen Stubbs.” So I followed it and found: Continue reading


the power of teams

It wasn’t an intentional effort, but I spotted the BBC story, and Orson took it to the next logical level Kanu wrote a dissertation on the subject – with pictures, so go look! – and now Swindle’s probably going to make it go supernova…


Yee, and indeed, ha.

FIFA doesn’t want you to get high

Now this isn’t something you see every day:

Demonstrations are planned in Bolivia and Ecuador over a ban by
football body Fifa on internationals more than 2,500m (8,200ft) above
sea level.

Fifa says there are fears that the high altitude can harm players’
health and possibly distort competition.
Bolivian President Evo Morales has called a meeting of officials from
Latin American countries that play their home games at altitude.
He vowed Latin America would not be divided by the “shady actions” of

Demonstrators in the Bolivian capital, La Paz, plan a protest of
physical exercise to prove there is no ill effect.
President Morales will take part in a football match at Bolivia’s
largest stadium, the Hernando Siles.

Notwithstanding President Morales’ claim that footie is an important source of “South American unity,” FIFA didn’t just come up with this by themselves:

Peruvian and Bolivian soccer officials laid the blame for the decision
on Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.

The team doctor of the Peruvian national team, Javier Arce, said
matches should also be banned at hot and humid venues in lower-lying

But Kleber Leite, vice president of the Brazilian club Flamengo, said
the ruling was “a victory for humankind”.

The Argentina Soccer Association said it believed altitude caused
“headaches, dizziness, nausea, gastrointestinal problems and fatigue”.

Hard to imagine that the Argentines would be trying to put on over on regional rivals. Shocking, really.

So far, I have not been able to substantiate rumors that “someone” has lodged a request with FIFA to ban games in any country that can’t capture and hold small islands populated mostly by sheep and penguins, or which fields players with names that end in “inho.”

Can’t these countries focus on what unites them?

BBC NEWS | Americas | Protests over soccer altitude ban

“Thong” Girl and other Rose Bowl Photos

Cross posted from Conquest Chronicles.

Last year it was a Song Girl cheering when Vince Young scored… oops. So what did we get this year from the ladies in the legendary white sweaters?

Well, one of them got a little cheeky.

We are indebted to Yost and Benny from MZone for undertaking some serious analysis; they concluded that this was a wedgie issue, more of a wardrobe malfunction than a deliberate exposure.

Turns out that there was even some Zapruder style analysis on YouTube…

Benny and Yost watched every single frame of this disgusting film — 63 times.

Incidentally, I hope that the young lady in question is taking this in stride. I did contemplate not posting this, as the only thing worse than having several million horny guys record your ass on a DVR would be having the moment immortalized on a blog — but frankly if 1) I was female, and 2) had an ass like that, I think I could live with it…

Anyway, some good football-related pictures to be found after the jump… Continue reading