A gentle relaunch

This blog was originally launched in March 2006 and showed signs of momentum with the Euro 2006 tournament. It tapered off and was last updated in late 2009.  I used to write in parallel at Conquest Chronicles and that effort has followed a similar trajectory. However, for a variety of reasons, it’s time to rekindle the flames (baby).

I don’t anticipate posting on a daily basis, and not exclusively about sports, but for a variety of reasons, it’s time to scratch the writing itch again. You have been warned.


EPL Rumour Mill: Mourinho to Man U?

Watching the soap-opera of Jose Mourinho, his status at Chelsea, and his relationship with Roman Abramovich feels strangely like the Kremlin-watching of the late 70s and early 80s (Brezhnev is well… he’s got the sniffles… he’s feeling better…he’s got the flu…all right fine, he’s dead…)

Anyway, I think one of the more entertaining rumors has been the one that Mourinho could succeed Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United. This is desirable because it would restore order to the universe – there would be one clear dark force at the heart of English football, and those of us wanting to watch a team win solely because it irritates the majority of the football-supporting public would have to track only one team. Win-win, if you ask me.

Guardian Unlimited: Sport blog: Ferguson would accept the Chelsea manager as his successor

Guardian Unlimited: Sport blog: England means the best of Europe

Of course, now that there are signs of detente at Stamford Bridge, the rumors are being rubbished, but one can still hope.

what’s next for this blog

The original subject of this site was USC football, but the World Cup was too much of a lure. Now that Thistle71 has been gracing the site with his wit, wisdom, and so on, I’m thinking that it’s time to expand the site’s scope to include Oregon football (as young Thistle is a Duck) and continue and extend the soccer content as well.

Some time ago I read some useful advice on writing a better blog, most of which I have (obviously) ignored. My preference is always to read content that is plainly inspired by interest rather than just tightly defined scope, so in that vein we’re going to pursue what interests us, and hopefully it will interest you.

Even if, God help us, it’s Canadian football.

Here we go

Plainly, not having enough time to deal with work, family, two other blogs, and any sort of enriching hobbies, the thing to do is write about SC football.

Here we go.