way, waaaay behind

Okay, quick resume of stuff missed because of work and home demands:

  1. Booty back surgery. i can't help but feel that he's cursed for being a starter on this team and that this will not be his season. However, he will go on to be like Matt Casell and be a back-up QB for a decent team.
  2. Pro-day for Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart. No surprises. Reggie Bush really needs to drop the need to be first pick in the draft — either way he's going to a train-wreck of a team.
  3. Pro-day for LenDale White. Run LenDale run! I'm a huge LenDale White fan but if he's not careful he's going to be labelled as lazy and uncooperative. It's not like NFL teams are overly interested in helping you get where you want to be, e.g. in the first round.
  4. Pro-day according to Charley Casserly: notwithstanding my comment above, why is Charley Casserly getting any space in the LA Times on LenDale White not running? This is the same guy who got run out of DC for keeping the 'Skins mediocre, and he's not exactly doing a bang-up job at Houston either. Still, run LenDale run!
  5. Leinart fires agent. On the one hand, why is this news? On the other hand, this is where the madness begins. Oh well.

My only other thought is that while it's good that the receiver corps is expanding and that the cornerbacks and safeties are on the mend, I'd still like to see more from the running backs and tailbacks. 


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