it’s not that I wasn’t watching

I just didn’t have that much to say about sporting events of the last week. USC’s win over Idaho was okay, but not thrilling. I didn’t manage to catch any footy. The epochal nature of the Michigan loss to Appalachian State was somewhat lost on me, perhaps because I spend so much of my team in acute embarrassment that it seems strange to think of it being rare for others. Oregon State really crapped the bed against Cincinnati last night, which would have to be worse that last year’s spanking by Boise State because the Beavers were providing turnovers like they were host gifts.

In the meantime, I shall be watching to see how Oregon does against Michigan, Notre Dame against Michigan, and LSU versus Michigan. I shall await news of a perhaps inevitable thumping possible win for Scotland in Paris Glasgow against Lithuania* (in footie, that is), and if I’m feeling perky, I may watch a little of the Arizona Cardinals game on Monday night to see what’s what.

*Might not be a bad idea to read the fixtures list next time.


2 Responses

  1. Scotland = Bee Gees

    “Stayin’ Allll-iiiiiiiiiii-iiiiiii-iiiiiiii-iivveeee”

    3-1. Congrats.

    Still miles to go before you sleep, but you’re still in the mix.

    Funny- At the Cal-UT game last weekend, I saw a dude in a Scotland kit and I cahtted him up and wished him good luck with qualifying. His optimism was typically Scottish. “they ‘avent got a fooking chance… they’ll find a wheh to fook it up… etc”. Funny stuff.

  2. Very exciting stuff. That’s the sort of game they might have won under Craig Brown and would have lost in seconds under Berti Vogts.

    Years of effort goes into that kind of optimism that you found at the Cal game – national side has earned it and then some.

    But you never know, if they can take the points from the games they should, perhaps the improbable could happen – ahahahahaha!

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