McClaren out, happy Thanksgiving if you’re in the US

The English FA let Steve McClaren go today, for failing to qualify for Euro 2008. I’m glad to see that they also canned that spiv Venables, in a rare case of the tikka-tinged charlatan being held accountable for his non-performance.

I don’t take much pleasure in seeing McClaren go – he was promoted above his capabilities and tried his  best, but given that useless shower of players, it’s no surprise that they didn’t qualify. Whoever replaces McClaren needs to swing the axe a bit – and Gerrard would be as good a starting point as any.

Evidently Fabio Capello has indicated that he’s interested; plainly he wants to get back to work because he’d have it all do with that useless showe of playas.

If you happen to be in the US, enjoy your Thanksgiving. If not, you can be thankful that our political and business leaders are too busy stuffing themselves with turkey etc., to cause any problems for the rest of us today. Most of them won’t go back to “work” until Monday, so enjoy the peace and quiet while you can.


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