Third verse, same as the first

There hasn’t been much point in adding my 2 cents’ worth about USC’s season. Plenty of people have identified injuries, penalties, and sone questionable play calling as being the difference between a season that’s heralded versus treated with either befuddlement or disdain depending on how much you 1) thought USC would do well and 2) were upset by that assumption. The game-by-game melodies may vary, but the overall structure of the composition remains consistent.

Odds are that SC will not go to a major bowl, and given their erratic play, that might be just as well. A lot of people made noises of disdain about losing to Stanford, but in some regards they did SC  a favor by getting a team that had no business in the top tier out of that tier. Plus, Stanford’s not really a rival, and Pritchard will dine out for many years on the strength of that game. That latter part is what being a college athlete should be about.

In the meantime, the defense is looking good, the receivers are starting to make some catches, and Mark Sanchez shows real passion for playing for SC – hopefully that will translate into a more dynamic approach from next year’s starter… I like JDB a great deal but I think we could do to switch to someone a little less laconic for next year. I’ll be interested to see how the year turns out… I expect them to struggle with and beat Cal and UCLA, and lose to Arizona State… which probably means that exactly the opposite will happen.

There’s a reason I don’t test my prognostication with the pitiless assessment of the bookies.


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