The value of a good education

I think that Thistle71 is bogged down at work, so I will share with you a little of his joy yesterday regarding a couple of pictures he received. I know what you’re thinking: but DC Trojan, surely both of you could get fired for pictures that make you happy! They weren’t those kinds of pictures, alas. Those of you who follow college baseball (i.e., not me) might know that the Oregon State Beavers have been doing reasonably well. This has led to Oregon State fans heading out to show their support, and also show America what an Oregon State education is all about:


Surely, Thistle71 thought, that must have been my imagination – no-one really would have misspelled “believer” when they were going to be on national television…


In fact, he was wrong, and apparently no-one thought to tell the young oman woman (oh the irony!) in question.It’s like a little rivalry gift for the Ducks, really.


2 Responses

  1. Sweet.

    Now Thistle can appreciate how us Georgia people felt this week at hearing the news that Georgia Tech literally wrecked their Ramblin’ Wreck automobile, for some reason the largest symbol of their athletic program, and that – even better- they thought it would be a fine idea all this time to not have it insured.

  2. Kanu, that was the single stupidest event that I heard about this week, and that’s saying something in a world full of half-wits trying to outdo one another in the global village idiot competition.

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